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You don’t need to sell your soul to be successful. Listen in for interviews with successful sales professionals who have mastered the ability to balance their own needs with those of the company. People who have discovered how to do their job with honor, confidence, and integrity.


I'm an MSP Looking to Grow

Consistently growing your new client recurring revenue is the only way to organically grow your MSP. There’s no simple trick or magic bullet to signing more clients, but the path from here to there is no mystery. All it takes is Training, Consistency, and someone who can show you the way.

I'm Here for the Book Club

Every salesperson needs to study their craft, just like a lawyer, accountant, or any other highly compensated professional. If you want to be treated like an executive, you need to act like an executive. Join our monthly book club designed to help sales professionals get really good at what they do.

The Hard Truth About Sales


Of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals


Of salespeople are unable to achieve their sales goal in their first year, and over half will not make it through a second year


Of prospects say they are dissatisfied with the salespeople they meet, and it damages their opinion of the company


Of people in sales never intended to sell for a living, and are working in the role by accident

What this means is that about half the people who go into sales will wash out. About half the companies that hire a salesperson will waste an incredible amount of time and money washing them out. And, in the end it’s the customers and prospects who are the collateral damage. We can do better.