I’ve been getting some questions from people who are listening to the show, and thought it would be fun to bring my fabulous wife Karina on the show to ask them.

What did selling your soul look like in your early career?
The company’s job is to stress you out, to put you under pressure. That pressure is necessary to your success. It’s your job to make sure that pressure is positive, and doesn’t crush you.

How can new sales people navigate the feelings, and process that pressure into usable fuel?
Gaining the proper perspective helps you deal with that pressure. You have to manage the balance between those two things, and understanding how both affect your feelings is essential. If you cannot manage your feelings you’ve already lost the sale.

How do I choose a company that will not be soul-sucking?
Know what you want from your company and from your manager. If you know what will help you perform well, then you can ask a few key questions to really get to know what it will be like to work there.

How are you managing your pressure in the middle of a pandemic?
Know what fills your tank, and makes you feel at peace and give you purpose (that is not work). Understand when you are running low and don’t be afraid to charge your batteries. If you aren’t in a good place emotionally, you aren’t going to perform well. Trying to just push through is inefficient and wasteful.

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