“As soon as you hit an objection, you just go back and change a bunch of stuff [in your tech stack], rather than learning how to overcome the objection… You change the external factors as to why you’re not selling, rather than addressing the internal factors: which is that you don’t know how to sell.”

Join us for the second part of our two-part series with Brian Gillette (again, no relation). In this episode we discuss why it’s so hard for MSP’s to sell their services in a highly competitive market that is often competing at the lowest price possible… To everyone’s detriment.

Brian and I are both former salespeople turned MSP Coaches, and holy-moly do we have a lot in common. In this two part episode, we talk about the state of the industry, why people buy and sell stuff, and just exactly what are our options for a “close” that “feels good.”

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