How to Give a Killer Testimonial

Testimonials are the Currency of Provisors
We’ve all sat in a meeting and heard an otherwise competent professional drone on for 90 seconds about some bit of business they’ve received. What a waste of time and opportunity. We can’t see that you did a wonderful job for the client, but we can see when you miss the chance to praise the professional who gave you that opportunity.

Here for the Handout?

If you’re here because you already attended one of my presentations in a provisors meeting, feel free to download the Building a Killer Testimonial worksheet. I encourage you to use it every time you prepare a Testimonial for a Provisors meeting. You’ll also be subscribed to my mailing list. No spam, unscubscribe any time.

Most Provisors members completely miss the mark when it comes to testimonials. The highest goal of a testimonial is to make everyone else in the room think, “I want one of those for me…”

When I joined Povisors in 2018, I learned that one of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself is to give a memorable testimonial. Every group has someone in it who “does what you do.” By giving a killer testimonial you not only honor the professional that gave you the referral, but you also show yourself to be a good investment of the others “Provisors currency.”

Interested in a Presentation for Your Provisors Group?

I give these presentations to Home and Affinity groups all over the country. It typically fills the majority of the meeting and includes breakout rooms and testimonials. Shorter versions can be made available if needed. Through the course of the presentation I also interweave 8-12 example testimonials for your members and a few honored guests. This is a great opportunity to highlight certain members that could use some time in the spotlight. 

If you think this might be a valuable use for your meeting time, please feel free to let me know and we’ll talk through the details. Thank you.