If you made a list of the top 5 hated professions today, Sales would probably be on the list right behind Lawyer and Politician. I think that’s weird because there aren’t many careers as fulfilling or lucrative as one in sales, and even fewer with so much autonomy and transferrable experience. So why does sales feel like a dirty word? Because it’s deceptively hard to be successful in sales, and too many unscrupulous salespeople have given the profession a bad name. It’s time to undo that damage. Let’s reclaim the profession so we can be proud to say we’re in sales. 

Each episode we’ll feature interviews with successful sales professionals who have mastered the ability to balance their own needs with those of the company. Real people who have figured out how to meet their sales goals and still sleep soundly at night. People who have discovered how to do their job with honor, confidence, and integrity.

Check Out Some Recent Episodes:

The Feel Good Close, Part 2 | Brian Gillette

"As soon as you hit an objection, you just go back and change a bunch of stuff [in your tech stack], rather than learning how to overcome the objection... You change the external factors as to why you're not selling, rather than addressing the internal factors: which...

The Feel Good Close, Part 1 | Brian Gillette

"You know I had a lot of confidence in you when you started here. That confidence has been dashed. I don't actually believe in you. I don't think you know how to do this. But your sales manager seems to think that you can so I'm gonna let you keep trying." —Company...

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