When it comes to new MRR, every MSP will say they need more leads. They’ll say, “When we get the at bat, we usually win… but we need more at bats.” While this might be true, it’s usually not the whole story. When it comes to sales and marketing, there is a difference between a referral and a marketing lead. Just because you close a lot of referrals, doesn’t mean you’re going to close your marketing leads… so don’t blame the marketing guy until you’ve listened to this episode.

Derek Marin is the Founder of Simple Selling, a Marketing Firm that can add between 6 & 13 new managed services agreements per year by generating warm pipeline, and consistently converting cold prospects into warm opportunities that close. Derek has been in marketing longer than you’ve probably been in sales, spend nearly 4 years in Customer Success and Channel Partnerships at HubSpot, and even owned a Juice Bar in Costsa Rica. 

Find him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marinderek/