Dave Sagraves is one of the best sales professionals I have ever met. I remember the first time I sparred with him in an all-day sales training and I swung at him with my best objection. The way he paused, leaned back in his chair and said, “you know Robert, I’m feeling real uncomfortable right now.”

It was absolute GOLD.

I invited Dave on the show because he helped me be what I am today, and I wanted him to share his thoughts on why so many sales people struggle. Here are a few of his thoughts (in summary, and out of context):

  • A lot of sales people think they’re differentiating in their meetings with the prospect… but don’t come close.
  • Too many sales people just don’t take their career seriously. They sell and sell and sell, but neglect their training. It makes your job harder.
  • Your company exists to stress you out… it’s supposed to; that is how you make the most money. You need to learn what to do about that stress or it will eat you alive.

Find him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dsagraves/

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