Have you ever met a person and genuinely felt refreshed, like somehow they were are a glass of cold water on a hot day? I’m not 100% sure how Sean O’Shaughnessey pulls it off but I flat-out enjoyed our conversation about sales.

Since he works with a lot of teams to get their salespeople unstuck, we talked about the top 3 things that hold salespeople back that are 100% within their control.

  1. Get to know your prospects better, understand how they make and lose money.
  2. Get curious, and stay that way… even when you’ve heard your 100th prospect tell you the same thing.
  3. Build your belief, it will keep you company when times get tough.

Who Sean is: I have been in sales for 36 years. After earning a mechanical engineering degree, I decided that I wanted a career in sales. While it has never been a straight line to success, I have had a great career and have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of product. While I have been formally trained in sales, the real training came from the school of hard knocks where I learned what worked and what didn’t work.

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